Thursday, February 17, 2011

Korean Red Ginseng Drink

A month or two ago, I was eating lunch with my co-workers.

One thing you might not know is that Koreans say they don't speak English, which is misleading. Yeah sure they don't speak it, they are too shy. This however doesn't mean they don't know English. And more likely then not, they can understand what you are saying.

Mrs. Hwang is sitting next to me, and a young male co-worker is sitting across from us. She proceeds to ask questions about my dating life. "Ms. Wilson, are you single?... oh, you are? Do you like Korean men? Would you ever date a Korean man?... oh, you would? How old are you? Oh well Mr. Kim* (points across the table to Mr. Kim) is 26 years old and he is very smart, and nice, and single...."

AWKWARD to say the least. So here I am, knowing full and well that Mr. Kim understands everything Mrs. Hwang is saying to me in English. All he can do is smile, and all I can do is say,"Oh really?" and act like I can't take a hint.

Ever since that conversation, whenever I see Mr. Kim around he gives me this 'I like you' look. And I just smile back.

Today I'm in the office with the Vice Principle, Mr. Kim, and one other teacher. He comes over to my desk and gives me a drink labeled 'Korean Red Ginseng Drink'. I thank him for the drink, and he gives me a goofy smile and awkwardly lingers a bit, then takes off back to his desk.

I'm thinking, red ginseng? What's this good for? I go online to find out why people drink red ginseng. Turns out, it's an aphrodisiac. It "enhances libido and copulatory performance".

Wait, wait, wait... did I just get hit on? Is he trying to tell me something?

*I'm actually not sure of his name. Half the people at my school have the last name Kim, so guessing his name is Mr. Kim might actually prove to be true. But as for now, it's just a guess.


  1. HAHAHAHAHAH! Damn, Blythe. Stop being so damn irresistible.

  2. LOL I'm cracking up in my cubicle at work right now. That is toooo funny! :) Keep us posted, Ms. Wilson ;)